Oriel Girls High School

Mundus Sapienta Coharat


10 April :Closing Dates

13th May:Opening Date

Please note:

A' Level & O' Level payment should be paid on or before the 30th April 2014.

Examination Fee Structure 

O' Levels : $ 13 per subject

 A' Levels :$ 26 per subject



Welcome to Oriel Girls High School Harare: Mundus Sapienta Coharat


Oriel Girls High School

Located in Chisipite's Suburb in Harare, Oriel Girls High is the home of excellence, academic, social, economical, and moral distinction! Oriel Girls High school aims to empower the girl child academically, socially, morally, technically and physically to enable her to become a valuable and self reliant member of the society. The school was officially opened by the federal prime minister Sir Roy Welensky on 1 July 1961. It enrolled the first pupils in January 1961. The name oriel was named after oriel college an oxford college. Permission was sought from the college of heralds to use the lions 'pasant gaurant' on the school badge. Oriel has since risen to become one of the most popular Girls High Schools in the country, with its foundations deeply rooted in academic and personal excellence. As the girl child equality movement progresses, Oriel Girls High education has become a critical component to the development of young women.